Birth – Physical & Spiritual

by Eugene Halliday


To be born, is to be placed in the material world where true initiative is almost a stranger.


In the material world inertia rules most actions.


We are conditioned by:

  • Ancestral Tendencies,
  • Communal Mass Responses,
  • Indoctrination originating in various organisations or establishments,
  • Group Biases & various other determinants of action, most of them largely  unconscious.


The Physical Man is, as such, an enemy of Spirit, for the physical of itself is non-developmental & incapable of evolution to higher levels of being. The evolutionary instinct springs from Spirit itself.


Apart from Inertia, which tends to keep things as they are, there is only Initiative, the power of free intelligent response. It is this power that we mean when we use the word “Spirit”.


Spirit is intelligent initiative power.


Spirit apprehends at once whatever is required for development & survival. It allows us to perceive with perfect clarity the realities in every situation. It enables us to group together immediately all of our percepts, and to form from them concepts which structure reality for us in the most beneficial way.


Spirit empowers us to battle against and to overthrow all inertias of erroneous behaviour patterns which hitherto have held us back in slavery to untruth.


On the attainment of Spiritual Birth, the physical body begins to become more refined in its constituent elements. It progressively becomes more Spiritualised. It is freed from the down-dragging forces of inertia and gravitation. Decisions become more and more intelligent and less weighed down by time matter processes and considerations. Joy begins to displace the general anxiety that afflicts mankind. Things once opaque become transparent to the enlightened consciousness. All good things become attainable.


To attain the Spiritual Birth we have to live first like a caterpillar which spends all of its time eating until it has stored up enough energy to essay the entrance into the dangerous state where it will turn into a butterfly.


For us as human beings, the equivalent of the caterpillar’s eating phase is the gathering of knowledge through sense organs. We mentally “eat” what we see and feel and undergo in our experiences, until we are so full of information about the nature of reality that we become able to let go of our appetite phase and enter by faith into the realm of Spirit.


As we assimilate the meanings of all of our experiences, we begin to trust more and more in that in us which has empowered us to perceive, conceive, feel, evaluate and will.


We begin to perceive the true nature of divinity and our participation in it.


We become able to say to mountains of old erroneous ideas “be removed into the sea of formlessness”.