Love by Eugene halliday


Behind all the forms of love there is one supreme love. Behind love of the body, love of the mind, love of the soul, and all other particular loves, there is the love of the spirit which speaks in the great imperative, "Develop thyself and all beings". This love of the spirit may be defined as a "will to work for the development of the potentialities of all beings".

Aphorisms of Eugene Halliday


Everything in the universe consists of forces crossing each other. Where forces cross each other in the right way, they balance and fit together harmoniously. This balance and fitting-togetherness we call health.

Wholeness is free exchange of energies. Wholeness is the breaking down of barriers. As long as there is a fear barrier you cannot be whole.

One must face fear as an essential part of oneself. Try to penetrate to the meaning of fear.

It is when you condemn anything whatever, no matter how bad, that you have necessarily condemned some part of your own organism. This puts a wall of energy round it making a zone of fear inside yourself.

'Good' and 'Evil' are relative only at the finite end. At the 'infinite end', they are subject to an Absolute Good.

There is only one enemy - inertia, that continuous movement of things, once started, that is not recallable without colossal energy expenditure, that keeps people in bondage. When you realise that there aren't any other things than inertias to over-come, then you spend your time over-coming inertias.

Only where the physical body will not obey you, is it any good to you.

A being that is developing from inside itself cannot make a 'mistake'. It is your emotive bias, partly from hereditaments and partly from training that makes you put false values on things.

Untruth and falsity damage health and destroy inner harmony. Truth sets us free - free from distortions. It re-introduces healing power into our souls.

The individual must rescue himself from the external stimulus and from its mnemic persistence.

'Be ye perfect '.... Christ means that if a person can refer to his own centre instead of paying attention to the external stimulus it will give him the pure response to any situation in which he may find himself.

Power, moving and functioning in a certain way, crystallises itself, and that is form.

Security is not in external things, nor in organisations; it is only in reflexive self-conscious awareness.

Today, people want form - which is something to bow down to - this is idolatry.

Faith is actually power, initiating an act, prior to the examination of the rationale of the situation.

Faith is the energy that puts its foot out in the dark; that makes you act before you know what is going to happen.

Feeling is the link factor between thought and will - without this link-factor, thought would remain in its own sphere and never gain expression, and Will (cause) would be deprived of the guiding hand of Thought.

Internal forces are causes - the external forms are effects. The cause is inside and presses out.