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Some people feel drawn to learn more about the teachings of Eugene Halliday. Eugene Halliday taught throughout His lifetime, 1911-1987, mainly in the north of England and His written works were postumously published in the late 1980s and 1990s. Some of His close circle of friends carried on His work after 1987 but again mainly in the north of England.

Eugene Halliday’s teaching is for some people a ‘vertical cliff’ to climb; the highly condensed language and at times deep and diversely woven subject matter requires many years to process, assimilate and operate upon. Of course “if a man’s reach should not exceed his grasp then what’s a heaven for?” (Heaven in Eugene’s etymology is ‘the equilibration of power’.) And if we do not have good willed opposition to our effort to understand a teacher, then quickly the teaching will be disbanded and thrown away as unworthy of our effort. These are veritable truths experienced by the sincere student in any field of endeavour.

Young people who feel drawn to Eugene’s teachings especially enjoy assistance to broach the seed kernel of subjects which are new, interesting and very likely many decades ahead of their time. Eugene Himself indicated that “In my own day I will be believed”, to which the publisher of His work replied “in the confident expectation of that day these Works are offered to the Seeker of Truth”.

The administrator of this site lives in the United Kingdom and travels widely to share Eugene’s work across the world. For those who would like some personal assistance in approaching and working with Eugene Halliday’s teachings, please ask by using the email address provided on this page.



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