The Law of Life

An excerpt from the teachings of Eugene Halliday


The Law (Torah) of life, is the law of cycles of Coming to Be, Being, and Ceasing to Be. Loss of this knowledge led to the splitting of the original androgyne consciousness into two separate stresses, thus producing man and woman in separate organisms. Identification with the separated halves led to the Fall, each aiming at knowledge of good and evil in order to be like God, the all-powerful Creator.

Cooperation with the Law of Life leads to Heaven, refusal of this law leads to Hell.

The cycle of life involves the experience of Death and so of Rebirth. Man at this stage of evolution is not yet a unity, but a mass of fragmented experience-records. “Mensch = misch­masch”. Thus Good Will is needed to establish intercommunication between the parts of man. Great effort is needed to attain Good Will in the presence of a myriad fear-records, envy-impulses, anger tendencies etc.

The man who seriously aims at aiding human evolution cannot suffer boredom. Boredom is for the unintelligent. Interest is the key to the search for freedom. The true self cannot be experienced if we repress our natural impulses. These must be allowed expression in order that we may “place” them with the constellation of the forces constituting our being.

Suppression of organic processes disallows choice of orientation. We cannot steer a boat that is not under way, or a stationary car. Motion is essential to chosen direction. Control rests on action.

Disciplined work in the professions, trades, etc., is for the development of the conscious mind. It is not the reason for living, but a mode of improving performance. Thus success in external occupations is not an occasion for egotistic self-imagery and an idea of “superiority” over other beings.

Evolution is the gaining of more control over our functions and mental and emotional attitudes. To change an attitude, to be able to return “good” for “evil”, to “turn the other cheek” is a very high level of self-awareness. Goodwill can attain any goal by persisting. To work to become able to change one’s attitude at will is to evolve one’s highest powers. Initiative is thus gained.

The external civilised world worships the mechanical tricks of the computerised mentation­process, the “well-programmed” behaviour of the “perfect citizen”. One is categorised as in a certain level of society (the human bee-hive or ant-colony), in a certain profession or trade, and so “placed” within the social machinery. Then one can be forgotten until one’s organism breaks down.

Externally acquired logic is as ineffective in dealing with life, as the unconscious mind is in gaining clarity. Truth embraces all things, conscious and unconscious, in a higher pre-analytic wholeness. The degree and kind of one’s integration determines how one perceives and receives Truth. The quantity of Truth comprehended is to be patterned in accord with whole Truth’s own pattern. Every thing is to be placed where it belongs. “Every man goes into his own place and his works follow him.”

The patriarchal reactive Church, defending itself against the magical non-rational way of the matriarchs who preceded it, use the doctrine of Agape Love and Christian forgiveness to define a system of taboos directed against spontaneous expression of the life-force. Thus neuroses have increased and physical health suffered. Originally set up in order to perfect the conscious mind defences against the unconscious mind’s tendency to drown the world in phantasy, the patriarchal society has overstepped its legitimate bounds, the Protestant Churches more than the Roman. The Roman Church has at least had the wisdom to retain the worship of the female principle under the image of the Virgin Mary, for the Cosmic Mother has still great power in the unconscious memory. Mariolatry gives great impulse to art forms and so accelerates evolution by increasing the strain developed between the male and female poles of being.

Sexual taboos originated from the male’s fear of the female. Man’s racial memory connects the Deluge with the final stages of Matriarchy. What actually happened in the past determines the fear records in the unconscious mind. In the sexual act individuation tends to vanish in the fusion moment of polar opposites. Man, who fights for individuation, has thus another justifiable reason to fear woman. Love correctly consummated can fuse two souls who have chosen fusion of their beings. Adultery could ruin the possibility of correct fusion. Promiscuousness increases the difficulty of fusion.

Matriarchies, like female-ruled witch-covens, worshipped nude, for nudity resonates with pre-Fall Edenic living, and increases powers of direct feeling apprehension. When Ham exposed Noah’s nakedness Noah was enraged, and cursed Ham’s descendants, because Ham’s act showed a regressive tendency to return to matriarchal values of free eroticism. Noah feared the loss of his being. (Noah is Noe, the Noetic principle, or principle of male intellectual head consciousness.) The Greeks placed Nous in the head, and the lower, emotional mind, the Phren, in the chest.) Regression to matriarchal eroticism would have meant loss of intelligent personal individuation and the halting of male evolution. Nudity encourages erotic immediacy and the immediate perception of aesthetic values, but these hold back the movement towards male individuated self-identity. Men hate to lose their identity; women have no fear of this loss, for they live in aesthetic immediacy of a non-reflective kind.

The goal of human evolution is the parallel development of male and female components within each individual; the interfunctioning of conscious and unconscious minds. Man in his androgyne state is a double transformer of energy, mediating between the conscious and unconscious levels of existence, the two modes of the life-force.

To the life-force only the ultimate reintegration of its polarised forces, split at the Fall, is important. If man refuses to work to this end, the lifeforce views him as an “expendable”.

Not the creation of physical children is the primary aim of polarised love, but the transformation of half-beings (male and female) into whole beings (androgynes, divine Hermaphrodites). The fullest inter-penetrating of polar forces in the true act of love requires no child as evidence of its existence. Contraception is not needed where two intelligent opposite-poled beings conjoin for evolutionary ends. Children are needed only for provision of further bodies for the underdeveloped to gain an occasion for a further attempt at personal bi­polar integration.

Evolutionary pressures keep mankind in a continuous state of alarm, which provokes a greater variety of investigations of new possibilities of adjustment to the environment. During a war the non-essentials are for the time being forgotten and people concentrate on survival techniques.

The method of self evolution is by inter-communication of fragmented parts of being, in oneself and with others. The varieties of races of human beings have their reasons for existing, and each has a part in the movement of evolution. Here good-will is the key to progress, where mere increase of empirical scientific knowledge is not. We can learn from what we love, with great speed. Sincere attention dynamises being. Assessment of others must not be Mammon-based if evolution of spiritual awareness and power is the aim. All beings as such are worthy of respect. Condemnation of others condemns part of one’s own being, for we are all modalities of a continuum. The condemned part of one’s being suffers and dies to escape the suffering. Goodwill does not condemn anyone. Christ descended into hell to bring release to those who would accept it. Yet He respected the free will God had given them. Finally “I am mine own executioner.”