Many Paths Exist

from the teachings of Eugene Halliday

MANY PATHS EXIST on which one may move towards spiritual realisation. Each path is a separate aspect of Truth, which is itself a seamless modalising of the A.S.P. [Absolute Sentient Power]

Christianity is the path of Love, Judaism of Law. Judaism gave the Law as a self-control method. Christianity gave Love as the aim of self-control. Islam makes imperative the pursuit of the knowledge of the means whereby Love can achieve its purpose.

Buddhism analyses away the structure of the empirical ego and shows it to be not an entity in itself, but only a complex of percepts, concepts and emotional charges.

Hinduism declares the truth, “Tat tvam asi“, “Aham Brahman“, the ultimate identity of the creature with the creator, the soul of man with the spirit of the Absolute, the wave-forms of the sea with the water of the sea, the forms of cosmos with the substance of cosmos, the substance that is pure Absolute Sentient Power.

Confucianism gives the formula for correct human communal living.

Taoism presents the Way of the Valley Deep and the Identity of Opposites, conquering with the Way of the Woman, love returning humble love for proud violence.

Zen presents Immediacy of Response, the Instant of spiritual action arising from non-identification of particular forms coupled with simultaneous total-awareness-readiness to respond to every action which arises in other beings or in the environment.

American Indians teach dignity of the person and honouring of one’s word.

The WASPs teach business procedure as diplomacy and diplomacy as good business and God’s method of maintaining human community on the gross material level where Mammon would otherwise rule.

Northern white men have demonstrated the success of material techniques of commodity production and distribution and world economy methods of domination.