Eternity to Time

An excerpt from the teachings of Eugene Halliday; CTII:32-34

FROM ETERNITY, through the lapping lips that lay hold on whatever is there, to the teeth that champ through coagulations, onto the tongue which tastes all to decide whether it is for spitting out or ingesting, to the wordbox, which will categorise all intakes, down the oesophagus, into the powerstore to break everything down into its constituent particles, through the pyloric gate into the serialising double duodenum judgments of time, making the small testings and then the large absorbings, finally to cast out what is not for present use, out into the general mush of time-manure.

In the time-world manure are all the elements not yet used in

Only by continually re-positing of oneself back into the Eternal Pattern, the trine of the absolute sentient power, can one gain and hold on to one’s habitation in the Eternal City. Quantum law requires this repositing. The structuralising power of ultimate reality is sound, which is an alternation of compression-decompression moments. Reality is reposited instantly and wiped out and reposited repeatedly. This is the continuance of the Eternal, that it reposits its content instantly, in its sonic Alternations of hold and let go and re-hold (Saturn-Jupiter-Saturn).structuralising the organism or providing raw energy for its operations. The whole process allows the psyche to inform itself of its own intentions and will to become such-and-such a kind of being. It is a process of self-discovery and self-creation; discovery because what is beneath its experience is its own eternal hexonic but unrealised structure; and self-creation because what is discovered is put into a self-determined pattern reflexively recognised as proper for the being according to its eternal intentionality, foreseen in the absolute sentient power field which is the Wonder-Eye and God of gods. Not until there is perfect reintegration of the psychic structure back into the hexonic field, as originally willed by the God of gods, is there the possibility of the “peace that passes understanding”. Acceptance of what one eternally is is the key to the attainment of the New Urusalima, the once lost, now regained City of Peace.

The alternation of Saturn/Jupiter is distributed throughout infinity, so that all is everywhere. We may view either Saturn or Jupiter as “central” to the field, thus: Saturn/Jupiter/Saturn or Jupiter/ Saturn/Jupiter. In the pattern Saturn/Jupiter/Saturn, we see the original of Christ between two thieves. In the pattern Jupiter/Saturn/Jupiter we see the devil isolated in infinite voidity. In Saturn/ Jupiter/Saturn the Infinite God has posited a polarisation of Impenitence and Penitence in order that there may be an occasion of choice. In Jupiter/Saturn/Jupiter is a demonstration of the isolation of the finited self in its self-devotion, its utter out-of-relatedness from all otherness, its self-interlockedness and self-deprivation of inter-functionality with the other, and so its absolute self-frustration and self-poisoning. Poison is power egotised sounding only its own note which, being held in to avoid reciprocal interplay with the other, is but a knocking centripetally on ego-self, a fearful vibrating on a centre of own-ness, which is a private hell.