Creation out of Nothing

By Eugene Halliday TTBI:15-17

The Infinite Power which brought the Universe into existence is not a thing. Any existent thing is a limited quantity of energy and therefore is not the infinite power as it is in itself. When we say that God created the world out of nothing, we should mean by this word “Not a thing, not a limited quantity of energy”. God created the world by an act of His infinite power, which is not a thing, not a limited amount of energy. The statement that God created the world out of nothing has been misunderstood. If we think carefully about it, we will gain another key to the mystery of creation.

A “beginning” is a head of a series of actions. These actions are acts of power. Before the beginning, this power stood in itself, not serialising itself as time events. It stood in simultaneity with itself. It is this non-serial simultaneity of power that we mean by “Eternity“. Whatever was happening in Eternity was not sequential but simultaneous. Every act of the infinite power of Eternity occurred simultaneously with every other act. This is a difficult thing for us to imagine clearly only because we are so conditioned by our time-matter sequential mode of being that we can hardly think without it. We tend to think of events and things following one another. In our habitual way of thinking, ideas tend to be presented to us in series, one after another.

Even when engaged in meditation we tend to let our ideas follow one after another, for meditation is a discursive process, that is a process in which ideas run through the mind in a series.

But in an act of pure contemplation our ideas do not follow after one another like soldiers marching in Indian file. In contemplation we do not see a series of separate ideas, we see a whole pattern of ideas in simultaneity, that is, co-presented at once, in a special kind of “now-ness” This is why great sages used contemplation as a means to escape from the serial Time-matter process, and so to enter into the awareness of Eternity, which we call “Enlightenment“.

It was in the highest stages of contemplation that the inspired writers of the books of the Bible discovered the Great Plan on which is based the evolutionary movement of the universe. In high contemplation the enlightened sages saw that before the beginning of Time-matter, in the simultaneity of all actions of the infinite power, one of these actions was such that the Infinite Creative Intelligence, which is God, saw that the only remedy for it was to generate Time and Matter This momentous action is that which we call the “Fall of Lucifer”.

“Lucifer” means “Light-bearer”. Amongst the infinite number of beings which were together in the simultaneity of Eternity before Time began, was one more splendidly illustrious than the rest. This one is the one we call “Lucifer”. The differences between all the beings in Eternity result from the fact that the Infinite Power, which we call God, wills an infinity of different forms of activity, an infinity of different beings, each with its own unique form of expression. These are the beings which the ancient sages called “angels”. It is not wrong of us to think of these “angels” as different “angles” from which the works of the Infinite Power may be viewed. They are different viewpoints from which their Creator is able to contemplate the infinite actualities of His own creative process. When they activate the minds of super-sensitive men and women they are called “messengers” of God. Thus we find that the word “angel” is defined as “messenger”.