A unity of diverse elements. The articulation of existential elements in such a manner as to restore to them their relations with each other and with the substratum continuum.


Awareness is derived from the Old English “waer”, “cautious”. It is cognate with the Latin vereri, “to observe anxiously”. To be wary is to be on guard in feeling, to be watchful. Awareness, then, we might say, carries with it a sense of being on guard. Consciousness or sentience qualified by caution.


‘with one centre’. It requires that we set up in the mind some single idea of such a kind that to it we can refer every other idea that we have. Such an idea gives us the power of unifying our mind, and so of bringing it into peace and harmony.


The function of knowledge as guide to action in relationships.


That within which people, things, events and relationships appear. The word “consciousness” shall be used wherever the contents of a zone of sentience are analysed into discrete forms, kept separate from each other, and yet related by their similarities and dissimilarities. We can hold together all circumscribed forms, similar in that they are bounded by a line, and yet distinguish them, as circles, squares, triangles, etc.


Contemplation, unlike meditation, does not follow a sequence of ideas through time. IT CONTEMPLATES PATTERN. Contemplation is essentially silent; to attain it we must still every mental process. Then the pattern discovered by the meditation process will be able to have its own effect on our mind.
WHOLENESS of awareness appears only in contemplation, NOT in meditation. Our mind and soul is bathed in wholeness, a wholeness which transmutes itself into PEACE and HARMONY of being.


We do not define things, relations of things, events, etc.. We define the limits of application of terms. The things of the world are defined by the energies that operate to create and keep them in being. Many problems vanish if we remember this rule.


The shadow of love. What one would do if one loved considered as the model of action for those who don’t. What Spirit gets Itself crucified for in order to integrate. Sanskrit dharma


The infinite, sentient, moving power of eternality.


That state in which we seize the essence of every happening as it happens. It is living in the Now so concentratedly determined to extract its essences and message that no energy slops over the edges of the moment to be wasted on the ground. Happiness arises when we have the view of a hierarchical sense of power actively positing our own essence in a situation. Therefore not ‘pleasure’, which is ‘passivity to a stimulus’.