Eugene Halliday – British Artist 1911-1987


Eugene Halliday described Himself as ‘Artist’, one definition of which being ‘an articulator of forces forms and functions’. His teachings spanning many fields offer a profound interpretation of sacred traditions, authors and sources all over the world.

His hermeneutic is a supreme coherence of the significant aspects and guiding principles of human development, a seamless integration through and connecting modern science, philosophy, religion, meditation, yoga, psychology, mythology, and the many arts (theatre, literature, painting, sculpture, music and dance) to a remarkable degree.

Eugene Halliday presents the teachings of Yoga and mysticism with exceptional insight, explains the origin of the Yogi’s striving out of the tribe to become a true, and therefore unique, individual in relation to and with his Divine Source, man as microcosm of the macrocosm.

The writing ‘Reflexive Self-consciousness‘ is asserted to be the seed kernel of Eugene Halliday’s teaching, the formula permeating all His works. His writing ‘The Tacit Conspiracy‘ begins to explain the depths of the male female relationship & how its apparent divisiveness and tension really is the means by and through which man & woman may deepen their relational understanding and eventually their individual development capacity. The Conquest of Anxiety is a way of approach to the problem of fear and anxiety from the viewpoint of ideas implicit in the teachings of Jesus Christ. Truth is a definitive analysis of universal truth in its sonic geometric significance. Through the Bible is a 78 part series indicating every important aspect of mental, psychological and spiritual tenet found in the Bible and in many Spiritual traditions,

Eugene Halliday wrote many works on a vast array of subjects, all with a deeply intelligent viewpoint, the main published ones having Concordances on this site.


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