EugeneHallidayEugene Halliday – British Artist 1911-1987

Eugene Halliday’s Teachings offer a profound interpretation of sacred traditions, authors and sources all over the world.

His hermeneutic is a supreme coherence of the significant aspects and guiding principles of human development. His work spans the modern and ancient cultures of Japan, China, India, Persia and the Middle East, through Babylon, Egypt, Greece, Rome, the very ancient cultures of Europe, following the zeitgeist in Europe up to the present day.

His teachings show a seemless integration through and connecting modern science, philosophy, religion, yoga, psychology, mythology, and the many classical and modern art forms(theatre, literature, painting, sculpture, music and dance) to an amazing degree.

Eugene Halliday presents the teachings of Yoga and mysticism with remarkable insight, explains the origin of the Yogi’s striving out of the tribe to become a true individual in relation to and with his Divine Source, man as microcosm of the macrocosm.

The writing ‘Reflexive Self-consciousness’ is said to be the seed kernel of Eugene Halliday’s teaching. His writing ‘The Tacit Conspiracy’ begins to explain the male female relationship & how its apparent divisiveness really is the means by and through which man & woman deepen their development capacity, evolving toward an ultimate source. In understanding the Tacit Conspiracy, today’s so-called ‘war between the sexes’ may be properly understood, saving considerable misunderstanding of the relation between man and woman, and thus avoiding much unnecessary and unprofitable argument, and subsequent unhappiness.

Eugene Halliday wrote many works, the main ones having Concordances on this site.

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